Anne Heche on overcoming inhibitions about wine

The queen of TV series – Ally McBeal, Everwood, Nip Tuck – American actress Anne Heche tells how her encounter with a patient sommelier allowed her to get rid of her hang-ups about wine!


I discovered wine relatively late in life. I must say that I had some preconceived ideas, not about wine, but about the men and women who know it like the back of their hand. You know, the kind of people that make you feel like you’re not a member of the club at dinner parties or cocktail evenings! That you’re not an insider. Until I realised that you should not generalise, that not everyone should be tarred with the same brush. One day, with a bunch of friends who were all as hopeless as I was about wine and the story of wine, we came across a specialist who got rid of our inhibitions. It was actually a sommelier in a top New York restaurant. Between two tastings, he admitted to us that half the people who claimed to be connoisseurs actually knew nothing at all!!


So it made me want to have a go. I’m not saying that I could speak to you for hours about the winemaking process, but I at least know the difference between a quality wine and disgusting plonk!


Written by Frank Rousseau