Andrea Moser and Gerhard Sanin, winemakers from the Kaltern and Erste+Neue wineries, covered 1,250 kilometres to introduce their wine to people and pair it with regional cuisines.


The adventure of the ‘Pirates of Kalterersee’ came to an end on their arrival in Capri. Andrea Moser and Gerhard Sanin, respectively head winemakers at the Kaltern and Erste+Neue wineries in Caldaro (BZ), covered 1,250 kilometres on a tandem in twelve days, travelling from South Tyrol to Campania, with a difference in altitude of 12,000 meters. They brought with them some Kalterersee wine to introduce it in conjunction with the local cuisine of the regions they crossed.


Still little known outside its homeland, Kalterersee wine is produced from Schiava grapes, known as Vernatsch in German. With a light ruby shade, it has fragrant fruity scents and moderate alcohol content. It is a fresh wine, with tannins that are never too aggressive and has therefore got what it takes to appeal to consumers interested in today’s light, modern cuisine.


Restaurants in the South Tyrol are never without it and traditionally pair it with speck. However, Moser and Sanin’s trip was aimed precisely at demonstrating its extraordinary versatility: when served cool, a couple of degrees above a young white wine, it goes perfectly with fish and light starters and is also excellent with pizza.


On their route, the two winemakers knocked up a series of pairings that convinced and appealed to the guests they met. They started in nearby Trentino with ‘Baccalà alla roveretana’ (Rovereto-style codfish), the lake fish on the shores of Garda. After crossing the river Po’, Kalterersee wine became acquainted with mozzarella cheese prepared with milk from red cows in Reggio Emilia; then, after rising into the Appennines, with Parmigiano from Cimone with blackberries, where the two winemakers were welcomed by the mayor of Fanano. In Florence, a downpour was waiting for them before they matched Kalterersee wine with Peposo (peppery beef stew) from Trattoria da Burde, and a platter of cold cuts in Siena among people in the contrada. A slight technical incident, when two spokes broke, forced the two cyclists to stop for a while before tasting Pecorino cheese in Pienza. Then they arrived in Viterbo for their first approach to the cuisine of Rome and paired the wine with Amatriciana pasta in the Italian capital. In Terracina, eventually arriving at the seaside, the Pirates chose the ingredients to prepare pasta directly from the fish market with fresh red scorpion fish sauce which they matched with their wine. In Naples, there was the inevitable pairing with pizza.


Finally, they arrived in Capri, the island the two pirates had longed for to hide their treasure. The pretext for the trip was explained on the web and social media through a series of video clips assembled in a funny video-diary (available here: At the end, not a single drop of the treasure - Pfarrhof wine from Kaltern winery or Leuchtenburg wine from Erste + Neue - was left. “The real treasure”, Andrea Moser and Gerhard Sanin explained, “are the smiles of the people we met, their warm welcome, the taste of food never tasted before, the quiet beauty of some places and the wonder of others, and ultimately the completeness of a unique experience”.


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