Nina Dobrev: There’s more to life than drinking vampire’s blood!

Renowned as one of the world’s most beautiful actresses, the young Bulgarian-Canadian performer became famous worldwide after starring in the drama series ‘The Vampire Diaries’.


I was born and grew up in Bulgaria, then moved to Canada where I would spend the school year, returning to Bulgaria for the summer. My parents then got divorced and my mother married a man from Avignon, where she moved to. That’s how I got to know France where I travelled extensively. We didn’t live in a chateau – we weren’t that rich, but we did have a wealth of experiences.

When we caught the TGV train or travelled by car, we would make the most of it by stopping in places where we knew the food was good. If I were to go France right now, obviously I would indulge in all the cheeses and tons of croissants. That’s the easiest way to put on 10 pounds!


When it comes to wine, I know how to tell a good from a bad wine, but I’m not an expert. With time and experience, I’m sure I’m going to get better at it. And as I travel around a lot and I meet a lot of people, I am convinced that my taste buds are bound to gradually get used to a drink that some people call divine, which I don’t doubt for a minute.



Written by Frank Rousseau