Sir Patrick Stewart: “With a good bottle of wine chilling you are immediately transported to another dimension”

He is one of those actors whose face is extremely familiar to us all. Age 76, the immense Patrick Stewart, alias Professor X in the X Men series and Captain Picard in Star Trek amongst other roles, will never be able to thank his wife enough for ‘arousing his taste buds’.


As an actor, I live in a make-believe world but personally I want to stay in reality. Sometimes you get caught up in a routine, particularly when it comes to eating and drinking. There comes a point when I even think you become afraid of change. That’s a mistake. Without my wife [Ed. The singer Sunny Ozell], I would perhaps still be a prisoner of some habits. She was the one who taught me to savour every moment. She was the one who pushed me out of my comfort zone. Ultimately, she gave me a new lease of life. She also pampers me, particularly when she cooks me her famous risotto. The absolute must is when she grates thin slices of truffle over the top. Before I met her, I used to drink wines I was happy with and didn’t make an effort to discover anything new.

My wife opened my eyes, or rather my taste buds. She introduced me to the wonderful variety of Italian wines and, during a stay in Provence, to rosé. Before getting married, we went to Bandol and visited the local wineries and tasted the regional specialities. One of the things I discovered was how good saucisson could be. In the summer, with the cicadas singing and a good bottle of wine chilling, you are immediately transported to another dimension!